Herbalife vs Visalus: Should You Join Herbalife Or Visalus

Herbalife vs Visalus

Herbalife vs Visalus which opportunity should I work? Chances are you at this time are at a cross roads trying to decide whether or not to sign up in Herbalife or Visalus. You no doubt are looking reviewing the differences. Its possible you need more information on the Herbalife vs Visalus compensation plans or each company’s product lines.
There are dozens of Herbalife and Visalus reviews that will give you product details and other details. Viewing as many reviews as possible should obviously help you in deciding which company Herbalife or Visalus may have certain aspects superior to the other.

However unfortunately no matter which you conclude better than the other Herbalife or Visalus there is a big issue you may be unprepared for. The issue is the sponsoring and going after family and people-you-know challenge. This common mlm way of business building actually gets results for some reps depending on their social influence and family situation. However this strategy does not get good results for 97% of people choosing to get involved with mlm opportunities. The good news is there is a totally FREE solution now available that will help any Herbalife or Visalus distributor become successful and overcome the family and friends marketing problem by helping build a list of targeted prospects outside of your warm market(family and friends). That solution is the FreeMarketingSystem.biz business building system. It is a much better solution for obtaining Multi Level success and 100% FREE.

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To understand why the common mlm business building way of chasing family and friends doesn’t work well lets examine the process more closely.
For the most part, they are taught to brain storm and write down a list , at the very minimum, of at least 100 folks. Distributors are encouraged to include relatives, people in social circle, professional contacts and such.
The number #1 reason for this method does not work for 97% of reps choosing to get involved with mlm businesses is that representatives have to deal with quite a bit of rejection in the process. A vast majority of people can’t handle repeated rejection that good and prefer not to deal with it.
Secondly, you come to the end of such a list eventually and you run out of prospects to pitch your deal to.
Thirdly, its a common occurrence in Multilevel Marketing after signing up family and friends some will drop out which is to be expected-this is called “attrition” -recruiting will always be a numbers game.

To ultimately have success you’ll need to learn to market beyond your “people you know” list and prospect hundreds of prospects. Your strategy must go beyond putting out flyers and chasing prospects in grocery store isles and such. To have a real chance at mlm success you will need to have “quality and targeted” Herbalife or Visalus leads on a daily basis.

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The good news is that there is a 100% FREE lead generation system now available that will help you achieve just that.

My FreeMarketingSystem.biz marketingbusiness building system offers a more effective strategy for business building than the traditional strategies people normally utilize.

A Herbalife and Visalus Lead Generation Solution

Discover now how you can benefit from having a 100% FREE internet based business building system working for you at FreeMarketingSystem.biz.

FreeMarketingSystem.biz solves the 7 most difficult obstacles that Herbalife and Visalus reps battle with regarding setting up an online lead generation system. Just to mention sevensignificant of the difficulties addressed…

1) Saves You Money– At no cost it eliminates the upfront and on going monthly overhead such a valuable business building system usually would cost you.
2) Saves Your Brain Cells– With other systems an extreme learning curve and overwhelming technical aspects to implement generally goes with them – With the FreeMarketingSystem.biz system you can actually have your system operational with a few simple steps.
3) Saves You Tons of Time– Other such systems not only cost you but take months to implement completely.
4) Provides Marketing Education – Fills the need for effective web and social media marketing training with weekly live webinars and archived instructional videos.
5) Income Source -Built into the system is a income generating feature that pays you 10 cents for every free system you give away. An upgrade option is provided with money making benefits and an income program that could provide possibly substantial revenue which can also further assist in promoting your business.
6) A Viral Marketing System– In Network Marketing the perfect situation is to have a “duplicatable” marketing strategy available to your organization. Such a system provides a solution to the “attrition” problem. The fact that this system is no cost and simple to use means you have a potentially viral marketing machine at work for you and your entire team marketing for you all over the web.
7)Provides Immediate Value For List Building– You have the ultimate “bait” to draw your best prospects, A FREE Marketing System Offer. Having this offer immediately provides you with great value you can give away to attract potential recruits on your email list for the important relationship building and further marketing.

What additional reasons do you need to grab this? You want to act immediately on this while its still free. Take advantage of it immediately by clicking FreeMarketingSystem.biz

Grab your completely FREE solution now. It will help any Herbalife or Visalus marketer become successful and overcome the family and friends business building problem by helping build a list of highly qualified prospects outside of your warm market(family and friends). This free lead system will help you succeed wether you are working Herbalife or Visalus.

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